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The Keyword Search allows you to search for a term throughout all fields. Your results will vary, but this is the best type of search if you are looking for a specific chapter or high school.

Search -- General Instructions

The search form allows you to enter search terms into several fields at once and conducts a search based on the parameters you set. This is the best type of search if you are looking for very specific results (i.e. how many awards your state won in 1946). To conduct this search, type your search terms in the appropriate box (as many as you need to get the results you are after). Remember the narrower you make your search, the more you lessen your chances of getting hits. Hint: An easy way to narrow your results is to select FFA or NFA under organization.


Q. I can't find my chapter.
A. Try doing a keyword search for your chapter or city instead of searching a specific field. The information provided to you in this database is based on the information we have available to us.

Q. I'm having trouble searching for state winners.
A. For state searches ALWAYS use the state abbreviation from the pull-down list. A keyword search on a state will not work properly because it searches across all fields.

Q. My search for an award resulted in no hits.
A. For award searches it is best to use the pull-down menu. All of the award names used are on that list. If you are still having problems check out similar award names - in the past awards might have been called something slightly different.

Q. I don't know if I should use Award Title or Award Category.
A. If you want to do a broad search for Proficiencies, Career Development Events, or National Judging Contests, use Award Title. If you want a specific Proficiency, Career Development Event, or National Judging Contest, use Award Category.

Q. I still don't know which award to search under.
A. Try a general keyword search. In the cases of some awards like dairy, there are several award choices. If you do a keyword search using the word "dairy" it will show results of all records with the search term.

Q. I'm not sure what category to use.
A. Try a keyword search.

Q. I'm not getting any results.
A. Check your spelling. All spellings are taken as is directly from the National Convention Proceedings. Also try doing a keyword search.

Q. I'm getting some funny award names. I've never heard of a Superior Farmer.
A. Check which organization your hits are from (FFA or NFA). This database also includes the awards for the New Farmers of America (NFA) - their award names were slightly different from the FFA's.

Q. I have way too many search results.
A. Try narrowing the search by state, year, or organization. These categories always contain data.

Q. I need more information about the results I got.
A. Email the Archives at Ask an Archivist ( for assistance.

Q. I have questions about the collecetion.
A. Email the Archives at Ask an Archivist ( for assistance.